Weekly Message

whose Voice are you following?

Many years I followed the voice of my intellect and made many soulish decisions, especially concerning my occupation. I always thought that my calling was business and therefore I became a businessman for many years. Indubitably, I made money, but I was never fulfilled. I struggled and did not accomplish much.


Not until I begin to follow the voice of The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, then I discovered my real purpose and calling. I found joy, happiness and fulfillment when I decided to serve the poor and vulnerable: orphans, widows and substance abused victims. I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to serve in this direction, sharing the love of God with others and putting smile on the faces of the oppressed in society.

This is what Abundant Life Chapel, Liberia and Abundant Life Chapel Liberia Orphanage stand for. Our service is to the Church of Jesus Christ and to humanity. We pray that God bless this work and expand it to other parts of the world.